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Find all our logos and learn how to use the Teads brand in your marketing.

Teads Brand ressources

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Download our Brand assets

Find original Teads’ logo, inRead visuals and screenshots

Read our Brand Guidelines

For use when creating any marketing or sales material

Meet the Design team

Designers behind Teads’ brand, video productions and marketing creatives

Brand Assets


Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines
Official Teads Logo

Includes the black and white logo in JPG, PNG, AI and EPS formats


Brand Guidelines
inRead multiscreen on «Washington Post»
Brand Guidelines
inRead multiscreen on «Washington Post»
Brand Guidelines
inRead multiscreen on «Washington Post»
Brand Guidelines
inRead mobile landscape, square and vertical on «Washington Post»
Brand Guidelines
inRead Landscape ad «Cosmonaut»
Brand Guidelines
inRead vertical ad
Brand Guidelines
inRead landscape ad
Brand Guidelines
inRead mobile landscape, square and vertical
Official Teads inRead visuals

Includes all visuals inRead multiscreen, mobile landscape, square and vertical


Brand Guidelines
Teads.tv website (visual 1)
Brand Guidelines
Teads.tv website (visual 2)
Brand Guidelines
Teads.tv website (visual 3)
Brand Guidelines
Teads.tv website (visual 4)
Official Teads website visuals

High quality png files

Teads Brand Guidelines

Meet the Design Team

  • Olivier Reynaud
    Olivier Reynaud Co-founder and
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Danielle Hunt
    Danielle Hunt Senior Creative Director
  • Laurent Weissrock
      Laurent Weissrock Creative Director
    • Eric Benacek
        Eric Benacek Head of Video Design
      • Becky Tennant
        Becky Tennant UK Marketing Design
      • Edward King
        Edward King LATAM Marketing Design
      • Elena Gargiulo
        Elena Gargiulo Italy Marketing Design
      • Wenzel Wahrig
          Wenzel Wahrig Germany Marketing Design
        • Pablo Carballo
            Pablo Carballo Spain Marketing Design
          • Morgane Devaux
              Morgane Devaux Filmmaker Motion Design
            • Medhy Medellel
                Medhy Medellel Filmmaker Motion Design
              • Jason Rapport
                  Jason Rapport US Sales Design
                • Jorge Montero
                    Jorge Montero LATAM Sales design
                  • Marine Baillargeat
                      Marine Baillargeat France Sales Design
                    • Juan Manuel
                        Juan Manuel Spain Sales Design
                      • Eva Christel
                          Eva Christel FR Marketing Design
                        • Gina Mitchell
                            Gina Mitchell UK Sales design
                          Brand Guidelines
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