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Teads inRead Branding
Teads inRead Branding

inRead Landscape

Landscape, the traditional creative size for inRead, is an innovative advertising format which sits within premium editorial content respecting the user experience by providing non–intrusive advertising with choice.

inRead Square

Give users a high impact experience by leveraging square video on mobile. Use existing square creative or crop horizontal creative to introduce a different composition for your video ads.

inRead Vertical

Make an impression on mobile with full-screen vertical video. This solution for inRead leverages the natural lengthwise aesthetic of mobile phones to provide an optimal user experience.


High impact homepage pushdown format that is placed at the top of the page. Skippable from the start, this is an elegant advertising format sitting within premium editorial.

inRead 360

The first 360 degree native video experience, allowing a totally immersive experience resulting in more engagement and brand awareness

Teads inRead Branding
Teads inRead Branding

inRead Live

Live streaming broadcast through Teads’ inRead landscape player in the heart of editorial content

inRead Swing

Landscape, square or vertical image frames are layered to display the creatives. Tilt your smartphone or use your mouse to reveal the different frames for an interactive and engaging experience.

inRead Scroller

Landscape or square creative in a scroller format which redirects to a website on user tap.

inRead Engage

inRead Engage offers marketers the opportunity to run high-impact display creatives with a parallax effect within the heart of premium content. There are two different versions of inRead Engage: one for branding and one for engagement. The branding option is sold on desktop and mobile on a vCPM basis. The engagement option can open up to video content or a website and is bought on a CPE basis.

Fully Custom

Enables clients to go beyond our standard templates and build bespoke experiences like multi-story interactive videos or microsites.

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