Engage, don’t enrage the user.

Pierre Chappaz
Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Teads

10 Teads Values


We are not just another advertising company. We are the innovators. We create advertising experiences which respect the user experience, and truly benefit publishers, brands and agencies. We are changing the video advertising world.


We are a premium company. Our advertising solutions are the most elegant ones. Our publishers are the most prestigious ones. Our customers are the most respected brands. Our service is focused on providing unmatched excellence.


We are passionate about what we do, extremely ambitious and committed. Having created the multi-billion dollar outstream video ad opportunity, we are very proud to be the pioneers behind this industry. We believe that we can build the most successful video advertising company in the world, and we are passionate to win this game.

Love Media

We know the importance of the media in our modern world, and we are proud to help our publisher partners increase their revenues, thanks to our Native Video Advertising Exchange. We look to bring a positive force in the media ecosystem, helping to fight against the ad-blocking threat, by promoting best practices and respectful advertising experiences.

Dedication to Clients

Making sure that our clients, brands and agencies, are not only happy but delighted, is our obsession. Our clients must have the most perfect experience, which goes hand-in-hand with providing the best advertising solutions in the market.

Hard Work

Nothing is easy, nothing comes without hard work. Competition is everywhere. Our main competitors are the Internet leaders, YouTube and Facebook. This is not an easy game, and the only way we can win is to work twice as hard as them, because we have the energy, the ambition and the passion.


We are a fast growing company, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Everybody has a say, everybody is respected, everybody is invited to create value and be rewarded for it. We are never so happy than when we see our team members learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities, helping to grow into our company and their own careers. Working with our team to developing these new skills and talents is one of our most important responsibilities.


We have a lot of trust in our team. We know how good and motivated our team members are. We know that they work hard, take their own initiative, and fight to deliver what is needed to succeed. Trust. This is a very important value. Trusting each other to be stronger together.

Team Spirit

A company is much more than the sum of individuals. It is a team deeply rooted in diverse thinking. And the stronger the team spirit is, the best chance it has to win. That’s why we value team spirit so much.

Playing to Win

We consider our business as a kind of game. A game that we have a lot of pleasure to play, because we want to win. And we will win. But never forget to have fun on the way!